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AWS Command Line Tools for Mac OS X

Just a quick guide to get the Amazon Web Services (AWS) command line tools installed and configured on an Apple Mac running Mountain Lion.

The first task was to get PIP installed:

sudo easy_install pip

Then it’s a simple case of using PIP to to install the AWS CLI:

sudo pip install awscli

After a few minutes you should have the CLI tools installed.  The final task is to set up your credentials.  Create the file $HOME/.aws/config, it should contain something like the following:

aws_access_key = YOURKEYHERE
aws_secret_access_key = YOURSECRETACCESSKEYHERE
region = eu-west-1

You should replace these values with your own access keys and preferred region.  For extra credit, if you’re a Bash shell user, you can enable command completion:

complete -C aws_completer aws

There’s much more information on the AWS CLI available from Amazon.