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Updated BT Sport App

A quick update.

On August 31st BT released a new version of their app for iOS devices that fixed the 12 hour/24 hour clock issue I had complained about before.

<sarcasm>That’s not bad, a full month to identify and resolve such a complex issue!</sarcasm>


BT Sport iOS App

BT Sport is a new player in the UK pay TV sports market. The service has been launched with a huge marketing campaign and many column inches discussing whether the new service will finally present a challenge to the colossus that is Sky Sports. There are two things that attracted me to BT Sport, firstly it’s free if you’ve got a BT Broadband subscription, secondly you can watch online through a Silverlight based website or using an app on your smartphone.

I signed up for the service and downloaded the app to my iPad, that’s when I hit a problem. When I tried to look at the listings for the three channels so that I could watch live I was presented with a blank screen, no listings, and no way to select a program. After quite a lot of searching I discovered the BT Sport App and online player error messages which contains a description of my problem and the solution.

Unbelievably the app only works if the iOS device has it’s system clock set to 24hr mode! How, in 2013, can you write an app for a consumer device that only works in 24hr mode. This would even be unacceptable in most large enterprises, and there’s a fair amount of user unfriendly code in that world.

The full text from BT’s site for posterity:

“There are no events to show” error message (Apple iOS devices)

If you see a “There are no events to show” error and no programmes when you go to “Watch now” in the BT Sport app, you’ll need to ensure that all the clock settings on Apple devices are set to the 24hour time, with time zones set automatically. Here’s how:

1. Log out of the app

2. Go to Settings on your device and then General

3. Go to Date & Time and make sure that the “24-hour time” and “Set automatically” options are both set to the On position

4. Now log back into the BT Sport app

Please be aware if you’re streaming via 3G you’ll need to enable mobile streaming within the BT Sport App settings. You can find this in the main menu of the app.